22 Jun 2021 26 Sep 2021


Waterscapes from Northern Australia

An immersion in a world and culture that remain little known among Europeans—the Yolngu people and Arnhem Land—through outstanding paintings from northern Australia.

Australia is often seen as a vast desert continent. Yet the selection of bark paintings in this display reflect the importance of representations that concern water, whether the sea, wetlands, mangroves or freshwater ecosystems. The term Gularri denotes all these water areas.

Beyond questions of representation, the exhibition explains the complex ecology of these fragile environments where both human and non-human coexist. Through these paintings, the Yolngu people finely mapped their land, associating ancestral beings and places, land laws and founding myths.

This exhibition results from a partnership between French and Yolngu researchers.

  • Curators

    • Jessica De Largy Healy, Anthropologist and research fellow at the CNRS (French centre for scientific research)
    • Nicolas Garnier, Head of the Oceania Heritage Unit at the musée du quai Branly – Jacques Chirac, Paris

    In partnership with the Milingimbi Art and Culture Aboriginal Corporation

  • Place:   Atelier Martine Aublet
  • TimeSlots:
    From Tuesday 22 June 2021 to Sunday 26 September 2021
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  • Public:   All publics
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