Navigation principles

navigation menu

The header contains a link to English and Spanish versions of the website, a link to download a selection of brochures translated into 7 other languages and a link to the “accessibility” pages.

The main navigation menu makes it easier for users to explore the website. It contains all the links to the main sections of the site.

The page footer provides direct access to various sections: press, publications, professionals, public entries, spaces, contact forms, legal notices, missions and operations.

remote control

The remote control contains 6 entries: searching the website, purchasing a ticket, practical information, calendar, media space, interactive map. Available on every page of the website.

breadcrumb trail

Automatically positioned at the bottom of the middle strip, this allows you to identify the page you are on, to view the path you followed to get there and to go back if required.

content-sharing buttons

Situated at the end of the breadcrumb trail, the content-sharing buttons allow you to share the page on your Facebook or Twitter account.

header logo

The logo of the musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac takes you back to the home page.

technical specifications

navigating with the “tab” key

The entire site can be navigated without using a mouse. This navigation uses the Tab key (on the left of your keyboard), to move from link to link on the page. The sequence is as follows: top to bottom and left to right. Use the “Enter” key to activate the current link. Finally, the “down” and “up” arrows allow you to move down or up the current page.

multimedia content

Some documents are available in PDF format. You should use Acrobat Reader to open and view these documents. This can be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe website:

browser compatibility

The website is compatible with the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer, on desktop operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and most versions of Linux/Debian) and mobile operating systems (iOS, Google Android, Windows Mobile, Firefox OS).

generic sections and accessibility space

The generic sections are of interest to all visitors to the website, including all disabled persons. These sections include general information (news, practical information, programme, etc.) and are in principle accessible to everyone.

accessibility space

This offers content designed specifically for each of the following disabilities: