"TransMaître" Project

financed by the National Research Agency


CULTE Project

The Visitor Services of the Museum has a dual mission to contribute to attracting and returning a high number of visitors and notably those who are the farthest removed from culture, and to accompany them in their tour of the museum, from the reception to discovery with tools of cultural mediation.

Transmedia Project CULTE (Cultural Urban Learning Transmedia Experience) financed by the National Research Agency

  • Start date: December 2013
  • End Date: May 2017

The CULTE project (Cultural Urban Learning Transmedia Experience) aims at designing an ideal transmedia system of recreational discovery and exploration of the museum, to stimulate an increasing number of people, removed or not from culture, to come to the museum to discover the reference collections and return to explore them. To do this, the project is based on different narrative channels in order to seek out, accompany and guide people from their familiar environment to the museum, then from one mediation device to another to progress in their discovery of the collections with history and games. Different routes will be explored and different tests will take place before setting up the final version of the system or the transmedia cultural game.

Download the mobile application free of charge and set out to explore the collections, moving through the levels to reach the rank of “TransMaître”, with a bonus prize!

Discover the visitor app and dive into a world of rites of passage, magic and myths – a world where the works can speak! Explore the collections and listen out as the works reveal their secrets and transmit their knowledge to help you grow your “Aura” and complete your initiation.

Discernment, curiosity and social skills will help you win games and overcome challenges, solve puzzles and climb through the levels in order to become “TransMaître” at the end of your quest! A prize from the museum awaits as a reward!


  • For young people, aged 12 and over
  • Free application available to download on iOS and Android
  • To maximise your game experience: download the app and its content before arriving at the museum; create a TransMaître account to access your Initiation Journal online. You can also pick up where you left off at any time!
  • Prize for players that reach level 5 of the game, on presentation of the winning code at the museum reception desks


  • Some works presented in the application may be temporarily missing from the exhibition spaces due to reasons related to the museum’s operations (restoration, conservation, loan, etc.)
  • Have a question or a comment about the game? Get in touch: transmedia[at]quaibranly.fr

TransMaître is a transmedia game created by the CULTE project (Cultural Urban Learning Transmedia Experience) with the support of the French National Research Agency (ANR), developed in partnership with the Cnam, the Lutin lab (Laboratoire des Usages en Technologies d'Information Numériques) and Mazedia.





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TransMaître | Application mobile du musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac
Découvrez l'application "TransMaître" et lancez-vous dans une quête initiatique à travers les collections ! Issu d’un projet de recherche, le jeu vous guide dans une exploration ludique du musée. Plus d'informations sur http://www.quaibranly.fr/fr/informations-pratiques/aller-plus-loin/outils-de-visite/transmaitre/. À télécharger pour : - iOS : https://itunes.apple.com/fr/app/transma%C3%AEtre/id1225968595?mt=8 - Android : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.wezit.culte
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More globally, in a context where digital technologies have profoundly modified access to knowledge, setting up new forms of interaction, participation and discovery is necessary for museums in order to promote their heritage. The objective of the CULTE project is to accompany this transition of uses and this new museum area by providing benchmarks and methods for the design of a transmedia experience which is both educational as well as recreational. The CULTE project is an industrial research project. Its primary axis is usability and its secondary axis is the production line and the dissemination of contents. CULTE associates four partners with complementary skills:

  • the LUTIN, a Laboratory of Research on Uses of New Technologies;
  • the CNAM-CEDRIC (Interactive Mobile Media team), a research team oriented towards interactive applications, in particular in the area of transmedia pervasive games;
  • the agency Mazedia, which edits a platform of geo-localized visits;
  • lastly, the musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac, involved in the new technologies and the emergence of new approaches to cultural mediation within museums and which will be the crucible of experiments conducted in the framework of the CULTE project.

The ambition of the CULTE project is to create and validate the interest of generic tools for renewing techniques of cultural mediation and ways of interacting with works of art. In order to respond to all the problems of museums concerning setting up a continuum of visits and the attraction of new audiences, we propose to design a platform of educational transmedia games, the design of which could provide lessons that could benefit other cultural institutions. More precisely, CULTE offers the following accomplishments:

  • the development of a serious pervasive transmedia model game for in situ and external applications integrating audio and visual Augmented Reality in the design process of the game;
  • a full-scale experiment within the musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac as a proof of concept, as well as different transpositions outside the museum;
  • a study of usability aiming at highlighting the educational contribution of this new form of cultural mediation;
  • an impact study of the pervasiveness - propagation in reality - and the insertion of different entry points in the game on the attraction of new audiences;
  • generic game design tools in order to make it accessible to non-programmers;
  • an internal evaluation committee made up of experts originating mostly from other cultural institutions in order to guarantee the relevance of the model and its potential transposition to other museums.

To summarize, the CULTE project aims above all at contributing know-how for the development of transmedia games with an educational goal through the definition of generic and methodological components, as well as by the compiling of new uses favored by this type of experiment. At the heart of this project resides therefore the objective of sharing knowledge acquired as well as a global reflection on cultural mediation. Holding regular seminars, organizing an international summer school at the end of the project and publishing a book on the results of this project, in French and English, are the most visible aspects of this willingness to accompany change in the universe of museums. This seems to be all the more important in that what visitors hope most for is to live through a real experience that is memorable, the keystone of their satisfaction.

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