Naked Reality © Jean-Pierre Bekolo
Los 14 oct 2018

Naked Reality

Jean-Pierre Bekolo

Science-fiction, conte ludique, thriller, faux (et vrais !) documentaires, l’œuvre du cinéaste d’avant-garde franco‑camerounais Jean-Pierre Bekolo explore tous les genres cinématographiques dans l’optique de déconstruire les stéréotypes sur l’Afrique et son cinéma.

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    Las domingo 14 octubre 2018 de 16:15 de 17:17
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  • Como parte de:   Rétrospective Jean-Pierre Bekolo
Naked Reality © Jean-Pierre Bekolo
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Naked Reality, by Jean-Pierre Bekolo-Obama
A film by Jean-Pierre Bekolo, 2016, Cameroon/South Africa, Feature drama, 1h02 min, science-fiction, starring Weza Da Silva, Luthuli Dlamini, Akin Omotoso, Fabian Lojede. Language: English SYNOPSIS: Wanita leaves home one morning, not knowing that her first prayer to her own ancestors has started her journey to the Dimsi "the earth you can' t see. Wanita could not figure out that her journey was blinded by her other self; her desire to be someone else. It is 150 years from now in a time when African cities have grown into one big metropolis. Operating in a world controlled by the immortals who had taken over our whole being. Wanita was the only one who could save us. She was the first of a new generation that was not just working at a job. She was working to fulfill her mission according to her DNA instructions but someone had infiltrated her DNA, this is why she could not hear our calling. DoP: Mandla Walter Dube. Produced by Marc Nekaitar more information :
1:24 min