Supporting exhibitions


Temporary exhibitions

International exhibitions in the Garden Gallery

The 2000m² space of the Garden Gallery welcomes treasures from across the world during exhibitions which investigate both traditional cultures and contemporary perspectives. Each exhibition, presented during spring and fall, presents a completely new scenography in order to continue to surprise the visitor.  

“Thematic” exhibitions on the Est Mezzanine

"Thematic” exhibitions display works from the Museum’s collections in a thematic conext. The Museum's reserves contain nearly 300 000 objects and 700 000 photographs, engravings and ancient books. 

Anthropological exhibitions on the West Mezzanine

This space welcomes experimental exhibitions created exclusively by the Museum and displayed for long periods of time. The exhibitions focus on major themes that structure relationships between people and encourage the visitor to reflect on great, universal notions of creation, belief, initiation, development, conquest...

THE photographY residencIes

Each year, a program of residencies for photographers enables several contemporary artists from Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas to present a photographic project which is linked to cross-cultural dialogue and which reflects the individual aesthetic journey of each artist.