Visual impairments


Visual disabilities

The museum is delighted to have been awarded the French Tourisme & Handicap [Tourism & Disabilities] label for adaptation to people with motor, mental, aural or visual impairments! This label provides encouragement to continue this initiative and our projects in order to allow visitors with visual impairments to discover the museum independently.

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Plan your visit

Admission to the museum is free for you and one accompanying person, and you benefit from reduced rates on guided tours. Groups also benefit from a reduced rate on activities. More details can be found on the<link 26636>“Useful information”</link>page and in the <link file:3664214 _blank download "Guide pratique dédié aux visiteurs déficients visuels (pdf - 447 Ko) - Nouvelle fenêtre">Practical guide for visitors with visual impairments (pdf, 447 kB)</link>. Also available at the museum reception desk. Magnifying glasses, binoculars and torches can be borrowed from the cloakroom in exchange for an ID document. Reception staff are available to provide directions and assistance if needed. Adapted computer equipment is available in the Jacques Kerchache Reading Room and in the media library: a reading machine and computer stations with a screen reader, speech synthesizer, Braille reader and scanner.

Cultural activities

To explore the museum and its exhibitions independently with friends or as a family…

Two descriptive and tactile guided tours are run twice yearly.

Storytelling tours and workshops are run regularly, along with concerts and performances, some of which have audio description.

The Jacques Kerchache Reading Room runs accessible events:

  • Shared Readings in the Dark
  • The Adventure of an Artwork in the Dark” sessions to discover an object in the collections through hearing and touch
  • Talks, conferences-debates, etc.

See the agenda on the website for the full programme of accessible activities and events.

Resources for an independent visit

Several resources are available at the museum to accompany your visit as a family or with friends: 

Five tactile tables are free to use in “The River”, the long, leather corridor that runs through the Main Collections Level. Each table has a tactile reproduction of a work in the museum, produced in 3D with comments in Braille and enlarged font as well as an audio description via a headset. Tactile tables are also put in place in some of the temporary exhibitions. Thanks to the patronage of Mikli Diffusion France. 

A 3D model and tactile maps allow you to find your way around the museum. These are situated at the entrance of the garden on quai Branly and in the main lobby to the left of the entrance.

The ‘My little explorer bag: a kit to discover Morocco and Greenland with 3-5 year olds.

The Room Cards: Cards provided in the exhibitions giving an overview of the texts in enlarged font.

The Tactile explorer’s guide

The touch tour allows visitors to discover seven objects in the collections.
It is composed of:

  • a tactile leaflet containing embossed reproductions of each object (resin deposit on a PVC sheet), accompanied by an explanatory text in enlarged font and Braille
  • an audio description circuit to accompany the tactile interpretation of each object in the leaflet

The leaflet and audio content are available free of charge, on request, from the Jacques Kerchache Reading Room in the museum lobby.

To plan your visit or if you are unable to visit the museum in person, download the tour:

Souffleurs d’Images

In partnership with the CRTH (Centre Recherche Théâtre Handicap), the museum is offering visitors the possibility to visit the museum or attend a performance accompanied by a Souffleur d’Images (Image Whisperer)…
More information on the Souffleurs d’Images website or on +33 (0)1 42 71 17 87.
Free service, subject to prior booking 15 days in advance.

Explore the museum as a group

Associations, schools, specialised establishments, etc. You can book an activity for your group for the date of your choice. Book at least 15 days in advance and remember to provide any useful information regarding your group so that the tour guide can best adapt the visit.

View the “Group visits” page to plan your visit.