Pavillon des Sessions


The Pavillon des Sessions at the musée du Louvre is a permanent embassy for the musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac. Inaugurated in April 2000, the Pavillon des Sessions is located to the south of the Louvre, between the Flore and Denon wings, and exhibits 104 sculptural masterpieces from across the world at the heart of one of the greatest museums of classical fine art on the planet.

A major advance in the history of attitudes

The interior architecture for the 1,200 m2 area was designed by Jean-Michel Wilmotte, and enables visitors to enter without being immediately aware if its special nature. With its pure lines and uncluttered use of space, with minimal partitioning, bathed in subdued light by silver-plated bronze mesh screens, it is at once modern and faithful to the Louvre's original architectural principles that entail exhibiting its works of art to maximum effect.

Today, an embassy at the heart of the Louvre

The architecture of the exhibition area fits in perfectly with the Louvre, and also prefigures the major principles underlying the design of the musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac. The four great geographical regions are presented, all intercommunicating, with visitors able to pass from one to another unhindered.

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Le Pavillon des Sessions : les arts non-occidentaux au musée du Louvre
"De l'objet curieux à l’œuvre d'art" Découvrez les grandes étapes de l'histoire des collections ethnographiques, du 16ème siècle à leur arrivée au musée du Louvre, dans le Pavillon des Sessions, antenne permanente du musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac dans le Palais du Louvre ! Plus d'infos sur Avec : - Yves Le Fur, directeur du Département du Patrimoine et des Collections, - Emmanuel Kasarhérou, adjoint au directeur du Département du Patrimoine et des Collections, responsable de la coordination scientifique des collections - Aurélien Gaborit, responsable scientifique du Pavillon des Collections, responsable des collections Afrique.
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