The living wall of greenery

A garden suspended over the quai Branly


Browsers strolling along the quai Branly, look up to the luxuriant façade of the building! Designed by the CNRS botanist and researcher, Patrick Blanc, this impressive surface of 800 square meters is a true vertical garden.

A total of 15,000 plants from 150 species throughout the world hang from the façade of the building, held in place by a device inspired directly by nature. Like a mossy carpet on the surface of a rock, a thin plate of PVC and layers of felt cover the exterior walls of the museum.

Wallflowers, ferns, fuchsias, irises, heuchera and willows set their roots down into it and absorb the nutrient-enriched water that circulates there. They are pruned every year in order to create this astonishing living tapestry.