Supporting acquisitions


Restorations and Acquisitions

Some exceptional pieces in the museum collection require restoration due to their poor state of conservation. This restoration is usually a prerequisite for the presentation of these pieces in public, either by entering them in the permanent collection or by presenting them in temporary exhibits. They also provide a unique opportunity to document and expand technical and scientific knowledge. 

The photography collection of 700,000 items is currently being digitalized and inventoried, in order to permit the exchange of information and to make these resources accessible, particularly via the museum website. 

The museum has adopted a policy of enriching its collections, to ensure that it can continue to highlight the historical depth of the cultures presented, the diversity in the meanings of the objects and the quality of the museographic choices. The works acquired join the permanent collections, enhance temporary exhibits or are the subject of publication or research work. 

The various projects require budgets of several thousands to several millions of euros. Some objects may be submitted as a National Treasure or Work of Major Heritage Interest and thus benefit patrons with specific tax advantages. 

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International Co-operation

Due to the very nature of its collections, the musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac has an international vocation and, since its foundation, has pursued an active policy of cooperation with the countries from which its collections originate. These projects are technical, scientific and cultural. They may take the form of partnerships during exhibits (co-production, touring). Internationally-recognized as a center of expertise, the museum is often asked to provide expertise for museum construction, collection inventory, reception of professionals to complete training, database development, etc.