20 May 2022 05 Mar 2023

Future Lullaby : the cradle of yesterday, today and tomorrow

Installation en Boîte Musique

As part of his carte blanche, Blick Bassy is creating an audiovisual work based on his compositions and the museum's audiovisual and sound collections.


"Future Lullaby: the Cradle of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow"; is a short film on lullabies, the starring role in which is played by the young and very talented Tiktoker Diana Bouli. The story follows a mother who, from one era to another, waits for that precious and soothing moment every evening, cadenced by the lullabies she shares with her baby.

Every evening, Diana tries to send her young child off to sleep. In a lilting voice, she sings popular African lullabies while softly moving her body to the rhythm. Lulled by the songs and soothed by her mother's gentle ballet, the child slowly drifts from her mother's arms into the arms of Morpheus. Yet this commonplace ritual, a powerful symbol of the relationship between mother and child, is not perceived in the same way over the years. From a unique moment, filled with love and tenderness, it seems to transform into a duty that the mother must fulfil, weighed down by the expectations of society.

"Future Lullaby: the Cradle of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow"; tells several connected stories in different contexts. The décor changes from one scene to the next, sometimes echoing the retro look of the houses of the last century or projecting the audience into a near future through an avant-garde décor.

This short film is an opportunity to pay tribute to mothers, who very often carry alone the weight of family responsibilities on their shoulders. But it also questions the impact of a patriarchal society on women, on their relationship to themselves and to their child over the ages and the return to collective family education.

    • Blick Bassy : artistic director
    • Diane Bouli : actress

    Accessible on presentation of an admission ticket to the museum or a performance ticket, on the day of the performance

  • Place:  Boîte à musique
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    From Friday 20 May 2022 at Sunday 05 March 2023
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    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday:  10:30 am-07:00 pm
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  • As part of:   Invitation à Blick Bassy