Alex + Iggy
The 17 Mar 2019

Emel Mathlouthi


After having converted the energy of the Tunisian revolts into music and collaborated with artists such as Valgeir Sigurdsson and Tricky, Emel Mathlouthi has become an indisputable reference on the new Arabic scene.

About the concert

But rather than resting on her laurels, she has also carved a place for herself on the international scene as an avant-garde artist, at the crossroads of various influences and blessed with a commanding voice.
Somewhere between experimental and North-African sounds, Emel Mathlouthi makes music in her own image, sensitive and non-conformist, far removed from clichés and simple-minded ideas. Her metamorphosis between Kelmti Horra (2012), with its marked traditional influences, and the minimalist and captivating Ensen (2017) has been profound; both musically and lyrically, she has moved wholly into a more intimate and universal vibe.