The 30 May 2023

Enduring blackness

A Decade of Black Portraiture[s]:PARIS 2013-2023

Commemoration of the tenth anniversary of Black Portraitures in Paris, 2023. On 29 and 30 May 2023, a congregation of artists, filmmakers, writers and scholars will return to Paris to mark the tenth anniversary of "Black Portraiture[s:] Imaging the Black Body in the West" in the places that gave birth to this cultural phenomenon. Organised by: New York University | Harvard University | NYU Paris | musee du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac.

In English and French with simultaneous translation 
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Africa, the African diaspora and the conventions of their representation have helped anchor thought and aesthetics in Europe and the world down the ages. Africa has perhaps been overshadowed or sanitised in the official narratives of the so-called "West". Nevertheless, its presence and ideas endure in the art and archives that bear witness to our connected pasts and their varied constructions across time and place.  
The 2023 anniversary event will continue to reflect on the audacity of memory, imagination, and aspiration, with which cultural producers have inscribed African and African diasporic bodies, politics, and cultural styles in Europe and the worlds that it touched. Black Portraiture[s] – revisited in Paris -- will meditate on the endurance of Blackness amid a perilous present shaped by controversies over migration and nativism.
The anniversary event of Enduring Blackness will examine the historical authenticity and rich array of Black imagery and its connections in the significant aesthetic conventions within European and global art forms. It will also trace the resounding resonance of the African diaspora in performative, literary and scholarly media - from film, music and opera to architecture, the textile arts and fashion, sculpture, learning, painting and photography - as these modes of expression engage with various audiences and common goods. Furthermore it will consider the history and politics of Black artistic and curatorial advocacy. Through wide-ranging conversations about the depiction of the Black body (and the body politic) in the West and around the world, the tenth anniversary of Black Portraiture[s] promises to continue its legacy of breaking new ground in the fields of art, African studies, history and cultural criticism.  
As in previous years, this condensed version of Black Portraiture[s] promises to break new ground in the fields of visual studies, film, art studies, art history, African studies and cultural criticism.

Other round table titles include: Contemporary Artists Voices; Being/Becoming: the Act of Portraiture; Politics of Pleasure; The Grand Duke: Charleston, Chitlins and Champagne; Black Film; Writers from the Diaspora; Black Curators Matter; The Black Paris Archive: interrogating Colonialist Visual Culture in Public Space? and Black Paris: then and now.

Photo : Alexis Peskine, Power, 2017.
Moon gold leaf on nails, earth, coffee, water and acrylic on wood.195 x 250 cm.
Copyright Alexis Peskine. Collection Majed Halawi. Courtesy the Artist and October Gallery.


    New York University :

    • Pamela Newkirk, Professor, Arthur Carter Journalism Institute
    • Ulrich C Baer, University Professor of Comparative Literature, German, and English; Center for the Humanities
    • Joan Morgan, Center for Black Visual Culture, Institute of African American Affairs
    • Deborah Willis, University Professor, Department of Photography & Imaging Tisch and Center for Black Visual Culture

    New York University, Abu Dhabi

    • Awam Amkpa, Dean of Arts and Humanities, Professor of Drama, Social and Cultural Analysis
    • Manthia Diawara, University Professor and Professor of Comparative Literature and Cinema Studies

    Harvard University

    • Henry Louis Gates, Jr., is the Alphonse Fletcher University Professor and Director of the Hutchins Center for African & African American Research at Harvard University.

    Brooklyn College

    • Gunja SenGupta, History and author

    Wesleyan University

    • Maaza Mengiste, English and author

    Hawthornden Foundation

    • Ellyn Toscano, Executive Director

    Cornell University and Spelman College

    • Cheryl Finley, Director of the Atlanta University Center Art History + Curatorial Studies Collective and Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Department of Art & Visual Culture at Spelman College and Cornell, Art History

    NYU Paris

    • Alfred Galichon, Professor of Economics (Arts & Science) and Mathematics (Courant Institute) at New York University

    Director • NYU Paris

    • Beth Epstein
    • Hank Willis Thomas, artist

    Administrative NYU and Harvard

    •  (NYU) - Niki Kekos and Molly Rogers
    • (Harvard) - Abby Wolf
    • (The Hutchins Center) - Dell Hamilton

    musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac

    • Christine Barthe
    • Anna Gianotti Laban
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