Hamilton Andrew (2012-2013)


Nom : Hamilton
Prénom : Andrew
Statut : Fellow, musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac (2012-2013)
Courriel : andrew.hamilton(at)quaibranly.fr

Domaine de recherche

Pre-Columbian Andean art, especially scaled objects like burial miniatures, the Inca culture in particular; scale theory, scale and objecthood, and scale and art historical practice; Andean textiles both ancient and contemporary; textiles globally.

PhD Candidate, Art History, Harvard University
MA, Art History, Harvard University, 2009
BA, Art History, Yale University, 2005

Expériences d’enseignement

2009      Teaching Fellow, « Pathways Through the Andes », Harvard University
2008      Teaching Fellow, « Arts of the Aztec and Inca », Harvard University

Projet(s) de recherche

While a fellow at the Musee du Quai Branly, I am completing my doctoral dissertation, « Scale and the Inca. » Thousands of peculiarly scaled objects survive from Pre-Columbian Andean cultures, particularly objects that might be described as “burial miniatures,” and especially from the Inca culture. My work explores the Inca interest in scale, attempts to contextualize this interest historically, and seeks to explain the rational behind it as well as what was expressed through it. A major concern is how scale is conceived of academically, and the way this shapes the way art historical scholarship perceives scaled objects.