Preparing for the visit

Useful information to travel to the museum with the family


Preparing for the visit

The “Adventurers of the musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac”, is for you! Get ready to leave with the family to discover the diversity of cultures, to explore astonishing sites, to experience moments of sharing between parents and children… The museum sets up everything to make your journey easier!

An adventure passport for children

The musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac accompanies each child in his adventure, by offering a passport (available at the museum reception). Have it stamped at the reception each time you come: when you have three stamps, the whole family wins!

  • Children receive a gift to start making their adventurer’s kit.
  • Parents win a discount on the Twin Pass+ to extend their exploration of the museum for a whole year (direct access without queuing and unlimited access for 2 adults and accompanying children under 18 years; discounts for family activities…). 


Le « passeport »

Pour accompagner vos voyages à travers les cultures du monde, vous trouverez en pages centrales un Passeport, à faire tamponner à chacune de vos visites ! Au troisième tampon , l’enfant reçoit un cadeau.



Practical services to make it easy for you to come with the family

  • Strollers are welcome at the museum! To make it easier to get around, you can ask for access to the elevators. Strollers can be loaned out to you at the cloakroom, as well as wheelchairs and folding chairs.
  • A free cloakroom is available on the Upper Garden level (JH) for you to deposit your personal belongings (except for valuable and/or cumbersome, within the limit of its storage capacities). 
  • Toilets are available on the Lower Garden level (JB), on level 2 and on level 3. Changing tables are also available for you. 
  • For a lunch break, the café Branly welcomes visitors in the middle of the garden.
  • Avoid the queues by making your reservation and paying in advance for activities with the family by phone (at 01 56 61 71 72, from Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 5 pm) or by internet.
  • Once you are at the museum, don’t hesitate to ask the reception teams if you have any questions.


Little rules for your tour

At the museum, you do have the right:

To like or dislike
To discuss
To consider objects beautiful or ugly, surprising or terrifying
To observe in detail or just glance 
To dream
To write and draw
To take photos (without a flash)

At the museum, you do not have the right:
To touch the objects (they are very fragile!)
To run or slide
To shout and sing
To drink or eat in the collections
To throw papers on the floor

Are you ready to explore the museum with the family? Get information on our activities  and our tools that can accompany you on your expedition!

Pricing conditions     

  • Free admission for children under 18 years (access without a ticket)
  • Discounts for holders of the “large family” cards

Check out all rates.

Vers d'autres mondes ... Pour continuer le voyage au musée à la maison !

S’appuyant sur des épopées ou des mythes mettant en scène des héros et héroïnes remarquables, le musée publie, pour la première fois, un album jeunesse illustré (6-12 ans) avec quatre contes issus des traditions orales des populations d’origine des œuvres de ses collections extra-européennes.
Muriel Bloch et HifuMiyo embarquent les enfants, à un rythme trépidant, pour un voyage aux côtés de l’intrépide et facétieux roi Singe.

Album disponible à la librairie-boutique du musée.


Poursuivez votre voyage à travers les continents, où que vous soyez… Avec Couleuvre et Commissaire Canard au musée des rêves !

Ce livre audio de La Fabrique à histoires écrit par Fred Bernard et réalisé par Lunii, en partenariat avec le musée du quai Branly – Jacques Chirac est disponible sur et en vente à la librairie-boutique du musée.

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