Revelations of an endless era


This fascinating civilization left behind hundreds of cities that reveal remarkable architecture, extremely advanced and technically perfect sculpture, frescoes and incredibly delicate works made from ceramic and jade. The Mayas also invented a complex writing system, the most advanced in pre-Colombian America. Combined with a very rich iconography, it detailed their religious beliefs, rites, community life and history.
The exhibit catalog incorporates almost 400 masterpieces from different regions of Mexico and different time periods, demonstrating the extraordinary longevity of this civilization, selected from the collections of more than 40 museums and major Maya sites in Mexico.
Following a thematic and progressive structure, the catalogue describes the everyday life of the Mayas, their political structure and religion, including a presentation of the emblematic jade masks used in funerary rites. These treasures of Maya culture, accompanied by the latest archaeological discoveries on this civilization, allow us to understand the Mayas legacy to humanity.


Edited by Dominique Michelet
Marie Charlotte Arnauld, Guillermo Bernal Romero, Carmen Valverde, Mercedes de La Garza, Éric Taladoire, Alfonso Lacadena, Grégory Pereira, William Hanks, Mario Humberto Ruz Sosa, Michela Craveri, Piero Gorza, Ella Fanny Quintal Aviles, Valentina Vapnarsky


384 pages • 24,5 x 28,5 cm • 420 illustrations • relié • 49 €
Co-published by musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac / Réunion des musées nationaux - Grand Palais Paris 2014
ISBN : 9782711862092