Anne Noble

Ruby's Room


Since the beginning of the 1980s, Anne Noble has been one of New Zealand’s top photographers. She mainly works in series and often explores the place of memory and sensation. This series consists of very large images and first started in 1998; it is dedicated to the artist’s daughter, Ruby. It illustrates the artist’s original perception of childhood, one that explores ‘what children do with their mouths’. Anne Noble is a leading representative of the photographic arts in New Zealand, and she refers to her work as an ‘alternative archaeology of childhood’. By employing a deliberately disproportionate scale compared with the apparent ordinariness of her subject matter, flash photography and strongly contrasting colours, the artist has found an unusual way to highlight the mouth and its many symbolic functions, such as feeding, expression, language, etc.
The catalogue presents the entire cycle of photographs taken by Anne Noble, including a conversation with the artist and Yves Le Fur, who commissioned the exhibition. This publication forms part of the Photoquai 2007 biennial and includes references to Anne Noble, her exhibitions and publications.


64 pages • 24 x 34 cm • 8 €
Co-published by musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac / Nicolas Chaudun 2007
ISBN: 9782915133660