Audioguides bring greater depth and understanding to your visit, allowing you to see and hear the works in the museum collections and exhibitions.

To allow you to make the most of your audioguide with peace of mind, the devices and headphones are thoroughly cleaned after each use. Visitors wishing to use their own headphones may do so. Our multimedia guides are compatible with all types of headphones and headsets. Disposable headphone protectors and disinfectant wipes can also be provided on request.

The audio guide

Explore the collections at your own pace thanks to three circuit options (chosen when picking up the audioguide at the museum reception desks).

  • at the museum €5 (full price), €3 (reduced price)
  • online (link to the ticket office)

Enjoy your visit!

Discovery circuit

Create your own itinerary through a selection of 80 objects presented by the museum’s curators.

  • available in French, English, German, Italian, Spanish and French Sign Language


Discovery circuit

A synopsis of the Discovery circuit enabling you to explore the collections through 25 of its masterpieces.

  • available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Mandarin and French Sign Language

Masterpiece circuit

Want to explore the collections differently? Dare to take the OFF audio guide circuit, an offbeat sound experience.

Following a bug, your audio guide begins to pick up unexpected frequencies which will lead you to discover unusual episodes from the life of the works and behind the scenes of the museum!

OFF circuit / Permanent collections

Audio-guide for the exhibition "Shamanic Visions"